We don’t fear the toilet bowl!

We know what you are thinking! Toilet bowl! Ugh. However, our team is trained and prepared to clean the commodes of your facilities. At MoProClean, we are comprehensive and detailed in our cleaning procedures for every room of your business, including and most especially your restrooms. We also exercise caution and judgment in our choice of sanitizing, disinfecting and air-freshening products and tools for your bathrooms. Additionally, our staff are uniformed, masked, gloved and protected every which way otherwise to perform the delicate task regularly.

In our processes, our company observes federal hygienic directives by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We ensure that our liquid and powdered cleaners are registered with the EPA as approved disinfectants. Our teammates follow all products’ directions, including for “use sites,” “surface types” and “precautionary statements”. If called for in the product’s instructions, we pre-clean surfaces for dirt and germs and eliminate odors with soap and water. We also watch for contact time on surfaces for some liquid and powdered cleaners, if need be, to make sure they have enough time to finish the job.

After the use of our products, we close and tighten the lids or caps to keep fluids or powder from escaping their containers and their chemicals from posing an environmental or health hazard in your facility. Finally, our members of our team practice regular personal hygiene, discard gloves for each cleaning and wash our hands carefully and thoroughly. When complete, yours will be a facility transformed with each cleaning session! Each visit to your restrooms by employees, partners, contractors, collaborators and customers alike will be a vote of confidence in your facility’s safety and health!

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