With the MoProClean Rewards Program, you can refer a friend and get points, even if you’re not a customer yet!* Our rewards program is simple and easy and your points never expire. Here’s how it works:

No Confusion

Unlike other rewards programs, our points and dollars are equivalent, so there’s no confusion.

Refer a Friend

Refer a friend and get 10% of their service value credited to your account as rewards points (up to $100)

Become a Client

Become a client, and get points for signing a contract (1 year or longer)**

Use, Donate, or Transfer Your Points

You don’t have to use your points! You can donate your points to a business or to other people. ***

Contact your local MoProClean location today to join:


*You must have an email to create a rewards account.

**Although contracts are recommended in order to get the best value, they are not required

*** Donation or transferring of points requires written permission (e.g. via email)