For MoProClean, Cleaning Businesses Are Job #1

At MoProClean, also known as Mona’s Professional Cleaners, cleaning businesses are our specialty. As the premier Commercial Cleaning company in your area, our team is trained and experienced in cleaning your places of work and keeping them looking sharp.

We prioritize commercial cleaning and maintenance as follows:

  • Banks
  • Hair and nail salons and spas
  • Hotel rooms and other hospitality areas
  • Medical facilities
  • Office spaces
  • Retailers and restaurants
  • School classrooms and daycare centers
  • Other categories and industries of potential business customers
  • Real Estate (Move in and Move Out Cleanings)

Don’t worry about your property being damaged. Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured. We pride ourselves on being thorough and meticulous. Our services include the following offerings:

  • Office area cleaning
  • Overall dusting
  • Wall Cleaning
  • Baseboard Cleaning
  • Entrance and lobby sweeping and mopping
  • Window washing and wiping
  • Kitchen and breakroom cleaning
  • Vacuuming and carpet care
  • Hard floor surface mopping, drying and waxing
  • Restroom washing and maintenance
  • Trash disposal

Just as your businesses observe a workplace protocol, so must we. Our cleaning staff are uniformed and start work on time. We also use our own cleaning supplies; unless you have a special one that you provide for us to use.

As much as your sites of work are legally documented, so are our employees. Again, our company is licensed, bonded and insured thus certified and registered to function as a professional cleaner and we stand by our workers’ qualifications to perform their jobs. Still, while many cleaning and janitorial services deal with business agreements, we require no contract to perform our duties. There is no obligation. You’re welcome to cancel or suspend cleaning at any time for any reason.

Above all, we are dedicated to customer service. Should you be displeased with our performance, we urge you to inform us and we will repeat the task for free. Additionally, tardiness warrants 10 percent off your next cleaning. Looking to give Commercial Cleaning a try? Call us at 866-777-7941 or search our branch locations, obtain a free estimate, and schedule an appointment all on our website.