Clean Towels Should Be Folded The Right Way

Whether in a hotel, motel, lodge, inn, private club, hair or nail salon, spa, casino, restaurant or other forms of hospitality, freshly or long-time laundered towels will be part of the hygienic landscape and must be properly folded. Now, more than ever, especially in the age of COVID, sanitation and safety should take centerstage at your establishment of leisure, recreation, tourism or travel. Neatly-folded clean towels are no exception.

Typically washed along with bed sheets at 140 degrees Fahrenheit and on display in restrooms or bedrooms, they ought to contribute to a vision of cleanliness and orderliness for your facility. As we at MoProClean know, towels play different roles in your hospitality suites as washcloths, hand towels, bath mats and bath towels of all sizes and principally in white and a few other neutral colors. They form an integral part of your facility’s brand.

Cold towels can wrap a fruity drink served by your staff to a first-time guest as a welcoming gesture at a five-star hotel. For your guests, the gesture is one of many positive and memorable experiences of a hotel that towels can be associated with. Aboard your trains traveling cross-country, car attendants can provide passengers with hot towels to go with a free meal and intoxicating drinks. On those same trains, cooler towels can be found in guest bathrooms with bars of soap.

Inside your spa centers, bathhouses supply bathers with towels, sheets and slippers. The towels fulfill extensive tasks as they are used to warm up the bathers after a treatment regimen of hot and cool showers and pools and before the start of a strict-diet meal, exercise and a water-drinking program. As a result of their importance, we instruct our cleaning staff to learn to fold and place towels properly and enable them to add to the organized image of your facility.

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