General Cleaning

Our best value! With General Cleaning, we clean the most common areas of your building. Choose your frequency from weekly, twice a week, biweekly, monthly, and more. We’ll bring the products and a smile.

Quarterly Deep Cleaning

Included for free in our yearly contracts*, Quarterly Deep Cleaning tackles those hard to reach places like baseboards, ceiling fans, and almost any other area you could possibly desire. **

Green Cleaning

With Green Cleaning, we only use all natural products. Each product is certified to have little to no impact on the environment. Green Cleaning becomes especially important, as detergents found in common household products have been shown to contaminate the environment and external water sources.

*Although no contract is required in order to initiate services, a minimum cleaning frequency of 2 times per week and 1 year contract is required in order to get a FREE Quarterly Deep Clean.

** For safety reasons, we cannot clean any ceiling area that is taller than 12 feet in height.